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Client Testimonials
"Knowledgeable, efficient, and a good communicator. Exactly what you want in an advertising expert."

Michael W. from Atlanta, GA
"Piotr is absolutely amazing. He is a master with Facebook advertising and is always looking at ways to genuinely help your business grow..."

Avi J. from Andover, MA
"Very knowledgeable... He went above and beyond our expectations...and he made sure everything was set up correctly."

Anthony S. from Burbank, CA
Is It For You?
E-Commerce is the most powerful business model you can implement with minimal investment. You can start selling your products worldwide for a fraction of a cost of opening a traditional brick and mortar store in just one location.

If you want to break out of the 9-5 prison, e-commerce might be your best bet! You can sell physical or information products. You can sell new or used items. You can sell it locally or internationally. The choice is yours!

If you haven't started your journey to freedom yet, E-Com Masters is the best place to start. 

Have I mentioned that it's 100% FREE :)
What Should You Listen To Me?
My name is Piotr Komorowski, I live in South Florida and I have been an e-commerce entrepreneur and consultant for the past 5+ years. 

I worked with business owners in dozens of different niches and helped generated millions of dollars in online sales. I worked with owner-operators and big eight-figure a year companies. I've done it all!

I helped countless clients to reach their first $1k/days!

If you would like to work one-on-one with me you would have to invest at least $2,500-$5,000 a month with at least a three-month commitment.

Now I am sharing the methods and tactics I use with my clients for free with the E-Com Masters members.
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